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NICEF deepens education aid for children with d?/h2>

materials worth 100,000 U.S. dollars to the Ghanaian government for use in assessment centres across the country.The equipment, which includes

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坕sabilities in GhanaUNICEF deepens edu▓catio

child-sized wheelchairs, crutches, complete spectacles, hearing aids, Snellen charts ▓and tossing rings, will provide the much needed support for selecte

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n aid for children with disabilities in Ghan

d communities, especially pupils and students with special educational needs."Thousands of children with mi▓ld to moderate disabilities in Ghana now ha

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a0▓4-05-2017 07:21 BJTACCRA, April 4 (Xinhua) --?/h2>

ve greater access to mainstream sc▓hools, thanks to a recently established Inclusive Education (IE) policy," UNICE▓F Ghana said in a release.UNICEF, with fund

?The United Nations Child

ren's Fund


▓ing support from U.S. Agency for International De▓velopment (USAID), is worki



ng with the Ghanaian government through the Ghana Education Service (GES) to s

on Tuesday hande


upport 20 districts in the implementation of inclusive education.Despite the com

d over essen


mitment made by Ghana in its inclusive education policy, children with disabilities ar

e still at risk of stigma, misunderstan▓ding, and discrimination, particularly with▓in their local communities.Such discrimina▓tion hinders a child's chance to receive quality education.UNICEF said it would continue to su▓pport the Ghanaian government through the education authorities, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to cr▓eate awareness of the IE Policy and its

tial assisti

implementation at both national and sub-national levels.The UNICEF Representative in Ghana, Susan Nam▓ondo Ngongi, said children with disabilities would▓ never be able to achieve their full potential unless the▓y were given a fair chance to learn like any ot▓her child."W

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